V-MODA Vibe Earbuds Review  

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I decided to get the v-moda vibe once again after reading the stellar reviews on Amazon. I mean, a product with 4 stars after 312 reviews has got to be good, right? I got the earbuds and decided to try them on (skeptically). I was completely blown away! So much so, that I decided to write my first review ever on Amazon. So here are the pros and cons of these earbuds.

1. Phenomenal bass response. It doesnt have the "please make me deaf" kind of "super bass", but has a rich uniform bass - much better than the Shure and Creative buds.
2. Mid range and highs are also great and crisp
3. The fit and maintenance are both super easy. No clogging, not 'ear wax cleaning tools' etc
4. The "seal" is also great - and importantly, consistent. Also, the seal pretty much isolates most sound. So you definitely want to be careful when wearing these. (For example - I couldnt hear the tap running when I was in my kitchen. I couldnt even hear my phone ringing right in front of me)
5. Fits right, no slipping even when you are walking or running

None really. The packaging, presentation etc could be better. The "leather" bag it comes with looks kinda cheap, etc. But all of this, in my opinion is purely incidental and immaterial. I mean, do you buy earbuds for the sound or for the way its packaged/accessories?

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