M-Audio Q40 Closed-back Headphones Review  

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A Superb pair of closed cans

I decided to take the plunge and take a chance on this relatively new brand and purchase my first real set of headphones (had an akg k26 p before). Got it on Monday and I've been very pleased with it thus far. Bass is right there and should be comparable to many sub $150 headphones (except the DT770s) judging from other user reviews at head-fi.org. I use it primarily for movies and so sound detail is important and the Q40 definetly delivers on that aspect. The build is sturdy (Not a fan of flimsily made headphones... ahem Grados, Senns, Denons) and its not too heavy. My ears started to get warm after about 1 hour but that's expected with any closed style headphones. Isolation is excellent and sound leak is minimal... although certainly no IEM .

The kicker for me was the price of course. at around 100 bucks incl shipping. I don't know any comparable headphone out there at that price range.

Great for
-hiphop, heavy rock, movies, gaming

Look elsewhere if you're into (Denon D1001?)
-classical, techno

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