I have never heard music sound so amazing in my 49 years!

There have been those few times in my life when I have been really blown away by something new in A/V. For example, the first time I heard Bose 901 reflecting speakers, the first time I tried Sennheiser open-air headphones, or the first time I watched a football game in high definition TV. These were moments where I heard or saw a significant jump in performance from what had come before. Listening to the Shure SE530 Sound Isolating Earphones is now another one of these moments.

I won't go into durability, comfort, value, etc. (all covered by other reviews and all perfectly adequate for me), all I will discuss is the SOUND.

The clarity and lack of distortion is amazing. No matter how low or loud you listen, all you hear is pure, clear, amazing sound. Each instrument is vivid and alive. Every nuance the sound engineers strive to embed in their work when recording a record can finally be heard. It's as if the sound bypasses your ears and starts living right in your head. Without any outside interference, you can close your eyes and live INSIDE the music. You have to really experience it to understand. It's like trying to describe high definition TV, you really just have to see it to understand.

If you love music, as I do, this is a worthwhile investment. These earphones will take your entire music collection, even MP3 files on your iPod or iPhone, to a whole new level. I may not need to buy a new CD for months, as just listening to my existing music collection is new and wonderful with these earphones. Even older, less technically superior recordings sound amazing.

Five stars, no question.

Kevin Carmony

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