These headphones were great before and that was without a proper seal. When getting a good enough seal these are other worldly. Move over SE530s I have a new favorite IEM. The bass is so phenominal. it hits low, hard, and fast, the soundstage has grown, and the highs are more crisp and not as harsh as prior.

The songs I listened to were Linkin Park - My December, Kanye West - Flashing Lights, and East Clubbers - Beat Is Coming.

OMG. My December had so much bass that I never knew was there, but it was still so clear and spread out. the bass wasn't overpowering but a compliment to the song like discovering a buried treasure in a spot you have searched over dozens of times.

Beat Is Coming is my test song for everything. it has almost everything you need to test out a headphone in it. I believe the only thing really missing from it is cymbals.

If anyone wants something that contrasts the SE530s please listen to the IE8. You will not regret it. They have won me over, a SE530 fan for almost 2 years

After 300 hours burned-in. The highs are good, at almost minimum and even almost no rolled-off high. The Bass is tighter and fuller, slightly stronger but less boomy. The Mids are full as well. Separation is also fantastic as well. It's so well placed and natural. I have never heard of such fantastic IEM before (except that the W3 has more details then the IE8).

Credit: AgainstTheGrain and BlueSwift, (Full Review)

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