Ultrasone PRO 900 Headphones Review  

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I read many posts on the Pro900, but few real experiences. So here is my first impression after 1 week listening experience.

I did a listening session on Ultrasone pro750, Pro900 and Edition 9.
My references are TripleFi's, Shure 530 and full-size open Philips HP1000.
The Pro 750 sound good, but not surprisingly great and different. Deep bass and very prominent highs. Sounds very much up-front. Voices are really 'there'. I liked it, but not like a big step compared to what I'm used to. And btw. I regard the TripleFi's as my reference for transparency, clarity and clean bass. Definately better than the Shures in this regard.

Then the Edition 9. This is another league! Very smooth and clean sound. Great bass and articulated highs but more layed back than the 750. It's difficult to describe in words but the smoothness is what striked me most. It's like looking a good normal TV and then watch a HDTV Bluray: you first think you see a very good quality image, nothing to complain about (750), then seeing all the details in the HDTV signal you can't believe was possible (Edition). OK, I exaggerate a bit to illustrate what I mean by the smoothness.

Finally, the Pro900. It does not have that smoothness as the Edition to my ears, but it was still in the same league! Great deep detailed bass, and nice highs, prominent, but not as up-front as the 750.

For me the SQ difference did not justify the price difference. Though I was not really looking for new cans, I ended up bying the Pro900.

Credit to: PaulK, head-fi.org (Other reviews at Head-Fi)

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