High End Audiophile Goodness, on the Go.

These are amazing earphones or In-Ear Monitors (IEM's) as they are also known. I have owned and listened to many many types of headphones and earphones.

Out of the top end IEM's I've listened to or owned (comparing to Etymotic ER-4S, Shure E500, etc.) The Triple.fi 10 Pro earns the top spot and is most used in my portable stable of headphones/earphones.

Having incredible detail, a very large and wide soundstage, the Triple.fi's deliver all of these sonic goodness without losing one part that is often lacking or done so poorly with headphones in general.


The Triple.fi's have a powerful bass output, but without sounding overly muddy and boomy. The treble is also very extended, and offer all the "sparkle" and "sizzle" with incredible nuance and detail. Some may find the treble too "bright" and harsh with lesser sources, but I listen to FLAC files.

Comfort can be an issue to some, but it is always a personal choice. I wear glasses and like the memory wire part near the earpiece that can be molded to go over the ear without getting in the way. Also, the silicone rubber earpieces are very comfortable and maintain an excellent seal with my ears.

If you are looking for top of the line, the Triple.fi 10 Pro's should be at the top of your shopping list.

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