Much better than the competition

I used to have Sony MDR-DS3000 but I could not stand the hiss! I bought these headphones after some claimed that there are no background hisses. Unfortunately there are slight hiss in the background when watching TV programming with mostly dialogues. otherwishe the hiss is unnoticeable. I love how the RF transmission allows me to walk around the house while listening to tv unlike the Infrared ones like Sony where you are limited to 90 degree angle in front of the base unit. The connectivity is very good with two toslink inputs, one RCA input, and one toslink output. I have my PS3, cable box, and the dvd player hooked up and its very convenient. I'm not much of audiophile, but as far as I ( an average joe who wants a surround sound for gaming/movies and doesn't want to wake up the neighbor in process) these headphones have great sound. I highly recommend it over any other wireless headphones with surround sound decoder.

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