Denon AH D1000S Headphones Review  

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Bought these for my wife to watch movies on the pc. She really liked my Denon AH-D5000, so I thought I would get these for her, they are a bit smaller in size as to fit her better. Being that they are a tad smaller they are lighter as well; which works better for her. I listened to them when she first got them and I am very impressed with the sound quality, very close to my AH-D5000, but not as full and warm sounding as the 5000.
Overall they have adequate bass, mid and treble. I wouldn't mind using them for ipod or my laptop for travel. They even came with a storage bag and extension cable. My 5000's didn't even come with a bag. I orignally bought her some Senheisers D555's. The sound was as good as the Denon 1000's, but they were much heavier and the bass was lacking in comparison; wich is to be expected with an open air design like the Senheisers. Biggest comparison was the weight and tight fit of the Sennheisers compared to the light comfortable Denons. Some people have said they felt like cheap plastic; however this is because they are made of magnesium, which is stronger than plastic and lighter, a key feature for long wear. The days of heavy bulky metal phones that clamped onto your head like a vice are limited to professional gear which needs to take a beating and block more background noise. Great Value, Great Build, Great Sound = Buyer recommended.

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