AKG K240 MKII Headphones Review  

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The AKG K 240 MK II differs from the K 240 studio ( used in many recording studios) in two important ways:

Two cables are now included. One is the standard light weight cable, the other is a coiled cable.

Second, the ear cushions have been made softer for a better fit. This improves the bass response. An alternate pair of ear cushions have been included as well. Use what works best for you.

All other parts appear to be the same also the sound, but it is easier to get good head contact with these new phones, thus fuller bass is assured. The sound is the best I have heard for the money.

Listening tests were done on classical music for the most part. Opera, choral music, piano, and orchestra CDs and DVDs were used. What is remarkable is the transparency, the ability to hear so many inner parts in a complex choral work. There is no smearing of fast coloratura singing, such as found in early operas. Rock music testing was done too and these phones handle lots of bass very cleanly.

The semi open air design gives a very open stereo image that is very similar to sitting in a balcony seat overhanging the stage at Boston Symphony Hall. Bass- treble balance of the phones also matched the sound heard live from the front balcony. To me having the tonal balance and spacial aspects match a real location in a real hall is nice.

These phones do not produce a " inside the head" effect which is also nice.

Highly Recommended, with a warning, you may not like your speakers after you get addicted to these phones.

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