My favorite Headphone ever

I have much experience in Headphones. I have listened to and owned many high-end headphones and in-ear monitors (earphones). The Klipsch Image x10 are my favorite of the bunch. They offer the best package deal that I have heard. Etymotics may be more clear, but at the sacrifice of sound stage and bass. The 5 pro and 10 pro have great bass and sound stage, but they lack in comfort and convenience. Shure earphones offer comfort and good separation, but they do not feature the warm and pleasing sound signature as the Image x10.

These earphones have it all: comfort, sound quality, strong and accurate bass, style, sound stage, separation, clarity, and so much more.

I'd say these could only be faulted for the lack of replaceable cables (which should not be a problem with normal use) and slight micro-phonics in the cables (which can be reduced by clipping the cables to your shirt).

I would advise anyone who values quality, comfort, usability, and MUSIC to get a pair.

At $200 they are a steal!

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