Decent traveling cans

These earphones are interesting.

Pro: They are sealed, circumaural cans, and the 80-ohm version (the DT 250-80) is easily driven by portable electronics.

Con: The cans themselves are not all that portable, as they're full-sized and don't fold.

Pro: The cord is detachable.

Con: The plug connecting it to the phones is HUGE (about 2 inches long), and the company (or anyone else, for that matter) does not make any cables for this headset except for the stock cable, making a detachable cable pretty pointless.

You get the idea. Sonically, these things are very good for sealed cans, and I carry them regularly with my MP3 player for travel. Although the external noise blocking is not as good as that provided by earplug-type headphones (such as Etymotic 4 series, another of my favorites) it is quite good, and the phones are useable on airplanes. If you want a full-sized set of headphones that can run off a portable, I would recommend these.

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