Koss ESP-950 Electrostatic Stereophone Review  

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Extremely Pleasing Transcients

I bought a pair of the ESP 950's in 1994 from a wholesaler for 495.00, I have collected high end audio gear my whole life and have several complete systems; however night time listening can
make your family very hostile...so I use these for stealth listening of my SACD and Hybrid Surrond encoded DVD's and Cd's.
The transcients on electrostatic phones are amazing, they tend to be a little bright with standard supplied connects, so I use my Transparent Audio Music Plus RCA inter-connects to the koss
E 90 unit which come with and runs these babies. Shear heaven!
I have been thinking of having some one build me a tube headphone amp for these headphones...then my family would be hostile again ..cause I would not want to go to work anymore.

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