K 702 Reference-Class Open-Back Headphone Review  

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K702 in the Studio

The following review is my impression of the K702, based upon working on mixing and mastering processes with them in my music studio.

After 100 hours I can say that I can trust my K702 100% as my best studio monitor headphones. It's very easy to navigate with them through the frequency response scale within the sound stage environment. The sound is very smooth, airy and clean; no artificial noise, due to the perfect axis in the 3D sound stage. This means the depth is equal to the stereo image which is equal to the frequency response. This brings better instrument separation and musical details to the sound. With these abilities I can be anywhere in the mix and the best thing about it is that I can match the K702 sound with my speaker monitors. (I have to comment here, most of the headphones have problems creating this depth in the 3D sound image.)

No matter what kind of music I'm working on in the studio, I found that the K702 will create the best results. Until I had the chance to own the K702, I was relying on a few different headphones, in that each one gave me a different view and characteristic of the sound. With the K702, I don't have to use any other headphones to check the references anymore. They do the job completely. In my ongoing search for the best studio monitor headphones, these are at the top of the list, so far.

Credit: Acix, www.head-fi.org (More review)

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