Quality & comfort - no compromise from Bose

I have been using these headphones for over an year now and have done lot of air-travel, both domestic & international. Bose sound quality is the best, without any second thoughts. I own Bose PC speakers and couldn't settle on anything else when it came to headphones.

The high-price was surely a concern, even for a few months after I got these ($375 for headphone..why ..???), but with the quality of sound and the comfort in use during air-travel made it worth. However, I feel that these are not good for everyday use like in gym etc, but are superb for those who travel a lot, either airplane, trains or buses.

Battery life is amazing and it just goes on and on. I have taken direct 15 hr flights and it never ran out of charge. Note that, I did not used it for 15 hrs continuously, but did for more than 6-7 hrs. Headphones come in a nice case with an extension cable and connectors for multiple headphone jacks.

So, if you have decided to buy these but are holding because of price, I'd recommend to go ahead and order them. Save somewhere else as these headphones will prove their worth.

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