Superb Earphones

I have actually re-evaluated how I feel about these earphones. Initially, I did not like the way that they sounded or how they felt in my ears. I have large ear canals. I have to wear the largest set of tips on every earphone that I have worn. Sometimes they are not big enough.

These earphones fit differently than so many other earphones. They sit just inside the opening of my ears. The body of the earphones definitely stay outside. They do not feel snug like the Shures. In trying to "achieve a sealed fit" in my ears, I would try to insert them too deeply. They were not comfortable, and I did not achieve the necessary seal in order to get a solid bass response.

What I found really works is to obtain some foam earpieces manufactured by Comply. They are available through Amazon and on their own website. When I inserted these "memory foam" tips onto the end of these earphones, I was able to achieve a very comfortable, "light touch" fit. I found that there is no need to force them to fit snuggly like a Shure earphone. The sound is full and rich. The bass is excellent. I cannot help but think that the aluminum casing and shape give these earphones some of their resonant bass.

Now, I really love these earphones. I have the Denon AH-D5000's which are an over the ear headphone. They are superb. I could not figure out how they could have missed the mark on their earphones. I have found that if you are willing to invest in some foam tips for those earphones that seemingly do not perform as you would like, you can really improve the sound.

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