May be right for you...

HOW USED: primarily for flying, but also at my desk w/ my laptop.

COMPARISONS: Before settling on the Bose QC-2's, I tested (on flights) the following noise-cancelling headphones: Bose QC-3's, Sennheiser PX-250's, and Solitudes (LINX, ver. 3). All had good-to-excellent sound, plus individual pros & cons.

CONCLUSION: which headphone is "best" depends on your tastes, physique, and priorities.

PROS (vs. other models): more comfortable for long periods than on-the-ear phones; have the deepest (more comfortable) over-the-ear cups; use normal batteries--you're not compelled to use expensive, proprietary batteries; noise-cancelling component is built-into headset (vs. awkward capsule on wire).

CONS: clunky when turning head to side or trying to sleep; ears may sweat in sealed-off cups. Though not perfect, the Bose QC-2's are the best noise-cancelling headphones on the market (for me). Though pricey, they're worth it, making frequent flying far more pleasant!

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