My Favorite Headphones! Great In Every Way!

First, let me say that I own three pair of headphones: Denon AH-D1000S, then upgraded to Denon AH-D2000, and these Ultrasone HFI-580 S-Logic Surround. Out of the three, I prefer the Ultrasone HFI-580.

The HFI-580's are very stylish, light and comfortable. And may I add, they have outstanding sound - good clear highs and punchy base - actually better than the Denons to my ears. Also, there is no fatigue with the Ultrasones after listening a long time. As far as the surround effect, I do hear it come through in some music but haven't tried them with movies yet. The AH-D2000's have a smooth, distinct sound, and were the most expensive but are quite heavy and large. However, the base seems to be lacking in both the Denons, at least to me. I do love the AH-1000's for their comfort and good clear sound. I use a small amplifier, which tends to bring out the detail even more and add to listening enjoyment. All in all, I still prefer these Ultrasones for the bright highs, punchy base, and for the lightweight comfort and good looks. These are by far my favorite.

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