AKG Acoustics K240 Monitoring Headphones Review  

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Extremely comfortable and good quality

I received a pair of these as a gift about 18 years ago, and they are fabulous. I finally had to replace them this year because the cord near the jack was having issues and I could only hear one ear. The headset is in excellent shape and should work fine once I replace the jack end of the cord. The new one has a flexible, rubber covering over the area where the cord connects to the jack, so it should not develop the same problem. Here is what I like about them.

COMFORT. The earpieces are padded and sit on your head, not your ears. I share an office so I wear them all day long, and I have never had any problems with comfort (most regular headphones give me a headache or earache after a while). Since they are semi-closed, they breathe a little, so my ears do not get hot. The headband is attached with elastic pieces so there is no adjusting - just put them on and they fit. The cord comes out of the left earpiece, so there is no annoying "Y" under your chin.

SOUND LEAKAGE. My office mate cannot hear my music at all (although I don't listen to music loudly). It blocks enough external noise to help me concentrate, but I can still hear what's going on around me and carry on a conversation while wearing them. (They may leak more sound if you have a heavy beard or sideburns.)

SOUND QUALITY. The quality is amazing. I have read that it is very hard to get good quality sound with closed headphones, so the semi-closed are a good balance between quality sound and preventing sound leakage. I listen to them plugged into my computer speakers, and sometimes I have to skip a song because the non-music noises are so clear (lip smacking, breathing, guitar string squeaks, chimes, etc.).

SUMMARY: Extremely comfortable, quality construction and quality sound

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