I went from my default mp3 player headphones to these, mostly because the default ones were giving me static shocks if I would move around and get from certain chairs. Also, the default headphones my mp3 player came with would fatigue my ears after awhile -- couldn't go a long plane flight or wear them the whole time at work. After reading a bit on that the thing called the internet, I learned that these were very comfortable headphones. And they are. I have a big head that other headphones have trouble with or headphones that end up crushing my ears but I've had no problem with these at work, at home, on the plane, gaming, or whatever.

To repeat what another reviewer has said about these: You don't really realize how different music sounds with a good pair of headphones till you listen with them. The first time listening to them, the music had life: for the lack of a better word. Putting in my default headphones, everything sound flat and dull and with my 500s sounded beautiful. Certain subtleties also became apparent as well, guitars had a little extra something to them and songs like 'Rhapsody in Blue' took on a whole new life (a better one). In my week or so with these headphones, I've refound my classical music collection.

I love them and am very happy I got them for less than $100 shipped. Ultra comfy. Fantabulous sound. Great buy.

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