Akg K171S Studio Monitoring Headphones Review  

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Outstandng for the studio or on the plane!

Just to be clear, these are primarily intended to be studio monitors, used by musicians and vocalists in a studio environment. But AKG made these so light and durable, that they are also appropriate for portable music players, as well as for DJ use. The AKG manual and box both state that these can be used as portable headphones, and that's a primary reason I got them. These are "closed" headphones, meaning the drivers are enclosed in a solid shell and no sound can leak out while you are wearing them. This also keeps-out outside ambient noise for the user. I got these headphones as a low-cost alternative to the Bose QuietComfort II noise-canceling headphones, which I used once on a flight from NYC to London. Although these headphones won't make this library-quiet like the Bose, they are smug enough and have a wide dynamic range to keep-out outside noises very effectively. I'm really impressed with the bass response on these. These are smaller and more durable than the larger AKG K271 headphones, and unlike the K271, these can be taken outside the studio. I'm glad I chose these over competing DJ headphones from Sennheiser and Sony!

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