Absolutely Excellent

I think that these headphones are truly excellent. They have wonderful separation of sound. The bass is quite excellent, but it is not boomy or fuzzy. Like the rest of the sound range, the sound appears to be accurate and unexaggerated.

The phones are very light weight. The frame is made from magnesium. the outside covers of the earcups are aluminium. The cord is heavy duty and come out from only one side. It is less likely to get in the way or get tangled. The wires to each of the earcups are hidden inside the frame. This makes it less likely that they can be snagged leading to a short. the headphones come with a one eighth inch plug and a one fourth inch adapter.

The phones are very comfortable. They fit over the ear rather than on the ear. The earcups are open so that they have a breezy sound rather than the more constricted sound of many closed cup headphones. They do not completely block out sound so that you can hear family members calling to you, but they do not block out all sound either. In other words, you could be catching the news or watching a movie while listening to music.

The headphones are efficient enough that you do not need a headphone amplifier, but they do sound fuller and richer with a headphone amplifier.

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