The price seemed expensive, but when I listened to them, that went out the window!

When I first started looking at headphones, I swore that I wouldn't spend this much, but I can truly say that I am glad I did. These are my first pair of Sennheiser's and they are worth every penny.

First, of course, is the sound quality. These are simply amazing. They provide the highs evenly, without making them sound twangy, or just over bearing. It is a good mix of soft and hard highs. The only thing I wish about the sound quality is the bass. I am a bass guy, and these provide quite a bit of bass, but just not quite enough for me. Then again, I am bass hungry, and these are bassy enough for me. They provide an excellent mix of highs and lows.

Second is the comfort level of these. I think my friend put it best. He put them on and he said "I feel like I am wearing a cloud on my head." They are lightweight and don't weigh your head down at all. Also the padding is phenomenal, and surprisingly not hot. I can wear these for hours and not have any sore spot or anything after the session is over.

I don't have any problems with these headphones at all. Just wish the bass was there a little more, but the mix of the highs and lows is very pleasant. I feel like I will now always stay with the Sennheiser name after these headphones.

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