Good and Durable Audiophile Quality HeadphoneAbsolutely stunning sound is right

I previously had the AKG 701 headphones as my main headphones. The problem with those is that after several hours they would really hurt my head. They did sound very, very good though. I never realized how much they lacked in the bass department until I put on some old Sennheiser HD-555's.

I "upgraded" to these expecting them to sound about the same or slightly better than my AKG 701s. The difference is HUGE. These sound much, much better. The first week i've been listening to music much more often because these make it sound so much better.

These are by far the most comfortable headphones there is. Easily. No pain and I wear them for up to 5 hours at times when i'm at the computer.

They also work well with my 15gb ipod video, but a headphone amp is suggested. The volume isn't too low on the ipod with these and I actually need to decrease the volume. I wasn't expecting the ipod to be able to power these. Thanks to these, i'm now avoiding mp3 format and have been going with FLAC and Apple Lossless formats.

I'd imagine though that these will not work well with the ipod shuffle or smaller devices. I haven't tested this yet.

I own 6 different pairs of headphones and these are the best. Better than the AKG 701's, Sennheiser HD-555's and Grado SR-80's.

The price on these is very good. I think it's a deal considering my former headphones were much more expensive.

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