Sennheiser HD650 : If you want to hear everything and enjoy what you hear, buy these headphonesExcellent Headphones

I have listened to my music for the last few years using Paradigm Studios including the Signature sub woofer. I have come to appreciate the effortless sound produced by this system, not only its accuracy, but an exceptional soundstage as well. Headphones weren't generally necessary, but if they were, I did have an older pair of Denons. Well, my friend said she wanted my old Denons for her iPod, so I had a chance to look for something newer. I purchased the 650s. Simply said, get ready to hear what you've never heard previously. Good and bad. You hear the entire recording. Clearly. Incredible subtle nuances. You don't miss anything. Play your favorite SACD and it's like you purchased another recording.

As far as coloration, well to me that's subjective. If I were the engineer mixing the recording, I might believe they warmed up the sound just a small, small bit, but if I were listening just for the enjoyment, I'd say Sennheiser nailed it. Open. Transparent. Natural.

The only weakness, and I hesitate to call it that, is the sound stage. Although very accurate in their placement, the 650's don't match the depth and overall spatial presence of the Studios. But then again, with the 650s, I can turn my head or shift my seat and the soundstage doesn't float.

Folks, I'd say the Sennheiser 650s are a great investment !

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