Koss MV1 Professional Studio Stereophone Review  

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Koss MV1 : Excellent Headphones with lifetime warrantyExcellent headphones worth your consideration

I have used several brands of headphones and I keep coming back to Koss. I am enjoying their latest model, the MV1, the most. The overall sound quality is excellent - uncolored, accurate and with a surprisingly deep base response. When not in use the "cups" turn making storage easier. When in use they are "forgettably" comfortable. (With prolonged use any headphone can become irritating and one starts to fidget with them - I find that happens far less with the MV1.) They're certainly the best looking headphones I have used. Included are a Koss case making storage simple (no dangling cord) and both sizes of phone plugs. The Koss MV1 Stereo Headphones are a definite recommended buy, more so condsidering the price here at Amazon.

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