Creative Aurvana X-Fi : Aurvana, NervanaExcellent Headphones!

Let me start out by saying, I'm an audiophile and I fly on planes quite a bit. I can certainly appreciate the sound of well constructed audio equipment. The Creative Aurvana X-Fi headphones exemplify that quality. In the past, I have tried the Bose headsets and definitely feel that they are horribly over-rated (amazing marketing campaign)! I honestly feel they are dull/boomy and do not provide the dynamics and clarity that good music can bring through well engineered headphones. Therefore, I decided to purchase the Sennheiser PXC-300's about a year ago. The Sennheiser's are very decent headphones, and sound great. However, they do not cover the ear and plane noise can still become apparent despite their noise canceling ability. After about a year or so of use, I decided to retire my Sennheisers for a pair of the Creative Aurvanas. What can I say? They are excellent! The noise cancellation is excellent (all external noise at the airport and on the plane seems to disappear), they are very well made, they feel solid and best of all, the sound quality is fantastic! Terrific base with a crisp high end! Never "boomy" the way the Bose headphones sound. I have to admit, I'm a convert to the Creative Aurvanas! Try them yourself. I think you will agree!

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