Very Nice Cans

I purchased these from Audio Cubes through Amazon. I received them in about 5 days (USPS missed me the first time they tried to deliver). These are my 7th pair of relatively high quality earphones and earbuds.

Based on listening, I would give them 5 stars. I also have the Sennheiser HD 280 pros, an old set of Sony MVR 6s, a relatively new set of Beyerdynamic DT-880s, and both Etymotic ER-4p and ER-6 earbuds.

First, I think the A-T 900s are the most comfortable earphones I have worn. Sound is very good. Certainly better (to my taste) than either the Sony MVR 6 of the Sennheisers 280s, but of course the A-T's cost twice to three times as much. I think both the MVR 6 and the HD 280 are good phones for the money. However, the A-T 900 is just a better set of cans.

Compared to the DT 880s, I find them different but both are excellent. The Audio-Technica phones have more emphasis on bass but are not as crystal clear as the DT 880s. I listen to (in rank order) jazz, folk, classical, blues, and classic rock. Probably 70% or what I listen to is jazz.

My initial impression is that I will prefer the A-T 900s for jazz and the DT 880s for classic and folk.

Certainly for the price difference -- unless you are going to primarily listen to classical and have a headphone amp or are going to use the headphones only with a shelf system with a good headphone output circuit -- I would suggest the A-T A900s (which you can get for about $80 less through Audio Cubes if you don't mind delivery from Japan). I also considered the Sennheiser 595 and 600 phones but wanted something I could listen to in bed without keeping my wife awake. If being sealed is not an issue, the Sennheiser phones are rated as excellent and I hope to pick up a pair sometime.

The other option for someone who can purchase only one set of phones or buds is the ER-4p. I have used mine for 6 or 7 years. The Etymotics provide about 30 db of isolation and have excellent sound. I have used mine at the gym, mowing, and riding a motorcycle (you have to wear earplugs riding a bike or you will quickly have hearing damage from the air flow through your helmet). However, I don't like earbuds for listening while sitting in my house reading or writing.

So for a set of sealed cans, I think the AT ATH-A900 phones are an excellent choice. For jazz, the SENN 280s are also very good but I find them uncomfortable for extended wear. The A-900s are very large but light and do not put pressure on the center of your head.

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