E5c for the Pros

I play in a hardcore metal band and eventually got tired of not being able to hear for 5 days after a show, so i went on a search for the best sound isolating headphones i could find. Not only are the E5's the best at isolating sound, but they also sound amazing. It sounds like you are sitting right next to the person playing the music you are listening to. The sound isolation is so amazing that when a person is sitting right next to me i cant hear them sneeze even when the music is not playing! They are very lightweight and extremely comfortable. All the little extra plugs it comes with ensures that you will have a comfortable and secure fit no matter what activities you engage in. When using the triple flange tips it is actually hard to pull the plugs out of your ears! Thats just how secure they can be. I would definately reccomend these earplugs above all others for professional or recreational use.

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