Little pieces of heaven

They are wonderful to listen to, and eye-catching pretty as well. I don't mind letting others used these - as clip-ons, they are not exposed to personal hygiene like earbuds are. It's important to note these are set up to run the wire around the back of your head and not down the front of your neck. I've found this impacts by a fair amount how well they stay on my head.

Pros: they really sound great, very balanced, easy on the ears (you could seriously wear them for hours and forget you have them on), big sound but easy to carry with included pouch, no "in ear" fitting/discomfort issues

Cons: Only one so far, and it's not much of one - because they are clip-ons and light, I forget I have them on and move quick enough to dislodge them a bit on occassion, like when I play the Air Drums. It's not a show stopper, you get used to it quick enough. I don't jog but I am not sure you could wear them jogging, but for fast walking or a plane ride, they are great.

The price point is a tough one - do you really want to drop $100+ for phones you haven't heard? When I pay this much, I want a really good sound. These deliver and then some. I have pro quality recording phones and these keep up with them very well. Like I said, they are balanced sounding - they are not thumpers, they don't make your earlobes rumble. They play the lows just fine, but if you're used to a car stereo that rattles the windows with a 5000 watt subwoofer, you might find these a little light in the bass.

If you are after clarity, like to listen to what the musician recorded, like to listen to classical, pop, rock and jazz, I think you'll be in heaven hour after hour if you select these.

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