Open and Nicely Balanced

The Ultrasone Proline 2500 throw a unique, spherical headstage, with each instrument/vocal anchored solidly in 3-D space. They offer a dynamic, engaging (somewhat in-your-face) presentation, nicely balanced across the frequency spectrum, with just the right mix of analytic and holistic/synergistic qualities. Stellar midrange clarity--vocals are a pure, straight-ahead delight--and plenty of deep, foundational bass, too!

The 2500 don't do one or two things remarkably well, but they seem to do everything reasonably well. Though not as refined as the Sennheiser HD650, nor as detailed and extended as the Beyerdynamic DT880, nor as fleet as the AKG K701, there's something solid and arresting about the 2500 that makes it hard for me to take them off.

The Proline 2500 take a good while to break in. Patiently allow about 300+ hours for these excellent cans to really show what they are capable of. As much as I enjoyed the 2500, I liked the 750 even better--but I kept both. : )

If you're patient, you can pick up a good deal on these, for about $275-$299.

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