Sony MDR-F1 Full-Open-Air Headphones Review  

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High Quality Headphones to brag about!

The Sony MDR-F1 Headphones are a respected headphone in the industry, and for a good many number of reasons.

The sound is AMAZING!! I compared them to my friends noise-canceling Bose headphones, and there were many differences. Please note that I turned the noise-cancellation on for the tests, so give it as much help as it could get. Now I should mention that I am a real Audiophile, and can be very picky about this. I rated the sound of the MDR's on a 1-10 scale, with 1 at Discusting and 10 for Unbelievable.

For lower Frequences like a bass guitar or the main beat of a r&b song, they are number one. In there description from sony it is pointed out that they have a special driver on the speaker that aids in clarity and pronouncieation of the bass. And how amazing they work. Simply un-deniable bass from these. It made the Bose look like third-rate over-priced paper-cone speakers. 11/10 for bass.

For midtones Sony did what they do normally, giving it the standard design for those mid frequencies that include slightly lower voices and classical music. But don't underestimate the beauty of Sony and mid's. However Bose out-did them here. I believe that Bose loves to get to this on most of there woofers, so I was expecting this. for the MDR's, I give it 8.5/10 for mids

The High Notes. To many this is the most important. Due to the large size of the speakers and the solid construction, the high notes came out most excellent. Even on the highest pitches, there was no hiss or the very common rattle at high notes. They are made from a solid metal frame which has taken a lot, and can take the High's very well. Now when I compared this to the Boses' I Had trouble noticing any differences, and had to get out my meter on my computer that displays and remakes frequencies to do something like this. Both are almost equal contenders, with the only difference is that the Bose will be a little quietter on the hights, but by about +/- .03 dB. Thats not much. So little that I eventually gave up and said that they were as close to perfect as any will get. 10/10.

Since I LOVE rock of all kinds the MDR-F1's were a blessing from God. One last thing. Open-Air Design. If you feel better off knowing when someone is talking to you when you are listening to music, the MDR-F1 is the answer. Again it is all about taste.

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I have had a pair of these for several years, and I'll have to agree, they do indeed sound wonderful. Though my next pair will have to be a nice electro-static headphone set either from koss or sinnheiser.

January 14, 2011 at 9:39 AM

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