The Perfect Headphones

Every time I put on these headphones, I am blown away by the immaculate sound that reaches my ears. These are, in my opinion, the best headphones out there. I'm sure hardcore audiophiles would disagree, but if you're a regular consumer, it doesn't get any better than this.

I had previously tried a pair of 580s, and was somewhat dissapointed with them. They were accurate, but they weren't aggressive enough for my taste - they sounded somewhat distant and weak. Since I wasn't about to spend $150 for a pair of headphones that I wasn't totally satisfied with, I decided to invest that extra $50 and try the 595s. Fortunately, I was not disappointed. The 595s solve the 580's problem by angling the drivers so that they are literally right next to your ear, and the result is a much more immediate, much fuller bodied sound.

The 595s are superb with any type of music. The open, but immediate sound stage is great for rock music (you really feel like you're sitting with the band and they're playing around you), and the clarity and precision is great for jazz and classical. I was also surprised how good my electronica sounded - every detail is expressed with crystal clear precision, and the bass is ample but precise and not overbearing, resulting in a great immersive experience. The lows, mids, and highs are all perfectly balanced (at least to my untrained ear), and overall the sound is just unbelievably natural.

Besides sounding great, the 595s are ridiculously comfortable. Because they surround the ears and don't put pressure on them, I have no problem wearing these headphones for 6-7 hours at a time without discomfort or soreness.

Please note that in order to experience all the 595s have to offer, you really need a headphone amp. They sound good unamped, but the 595s really come alive with a good amp. Also, since the 595s have a 1/4" plug instead of a 1/8" mini plug, I would recommend getting the Grado 1/4"-1/8" adapter instead of using the one they give you, as it will put too much strain on the headphone jacks of your equipment.

I wholeheartedly recommend the 595s. For the price, their sound quality and comfort simply cannot be beat.

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Yeah, I have this headphones. But i have to notice that they more prefered for vocal. In that field 595s are truly incredible. Unbelievable microdinamic at mid range frequences! Sometime it seems that you can see how singer smiles)))

(Sorry for my English. Don't speak English well enough)

February 5, 2010 at 11:49 PM

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