Pioneer SE-DIR800C Headphones Review  

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Pros: CRYSTAL clear and jitter-free audio signal via highly-stable infrared link. Superb sound resolution throughout audible frequency range. Decodes Dolby Digital and DTS! Comfortable on head, you'll forget it's there. Headphones run off standard AA batteries (no risk of having to buy a proprietary company-supplied battery that is expensive to replace, and not guaranteed to be produced in the future). Headphones are sleek and stylish, and so is the base unit.

Cons: Limited line-of-sight range (inherent with IR signals); limited to about 30 ft. and must be free of obstacles in the Rcv path. Plastic construction of the headphones are a little brittle and not meant to be mistreated. Base station produces a generous amount of heat right near the input AC power receptacle. When starting audio, there is a half-second delay as the base unit synchronizes with the audio stream (minor nuissance, and this might only be a problem with digital audio signals).

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