Ultrasone HFI 780 Headphones Review  

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Ultrasone HFI-780:Very good for all genre music, gaming, moviesWould Give them 6 stars or more

I tried many pairs of headphones, read reviews and these are OUTSTANDING, what live surround sound they have and that is just off a computer and ipod touch around the house of course.

I won't be wearing these larger cans out and about. Connecting them to my sound system gave me near the same sound as my 7 channel system puts out and of course on that level you can adjust bass and treble and so on. Even with the pod and computer the sound was simply grand to me.

Shop around as I got mine recently for $204, tax and shipping included. I did check out some others of Sennheiser and Denon, both excellent but double the price and these just have a live sound and let me hear everything.

These are closed headphones and you actually get to listen without outside noises or outside noise at a min. These are NOT noise cancelling though but they will give you sound like you have never heard from headphones. I was used to the $20 pair of ear buds so this is 200 steps up! Again go to real audio stores and try out several pairs as hearing to all is very different. Music, movies and gaming types all play a role in how things are projected or heard by each individual.

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